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Three juniors create Children’s Hospital club

CHLA Loyola meets monthly in science teacher Vianney Truong’s room, L002. Juniors Ryan Nishiyama, Donoven McAlister and Isaiah Cruz founded the club, with Truong as its moderator. 

“We founded the club to help spread awareness of CHLA patient stories, to educate the Loyola student body about the hospital’s activity, to inaugurate new junior ambassadors and to provide opportunities for volunteers and to assist with the organization’s fundraising campaigns,” McAlister explained. 

In the club’s very first meeting, the leaders provided introductory information regarding the club’s goals and CHLA.

McAlister said, “We provided some background information about Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. We also introduced the members to the Junior Ambassadors Program.”

The club’s priority is to build a bridge through the Junior Ambassadors Program. 

Nishiyama said, “Our goals are to make a connection between the Loyola community and the CHLA community. We have a Junior Ambassadors Program, where you can become an official ambassador of CHLA. The Ambassador Program hosts events outside of school in which you can fundraise and help CHLA patients.”

By the end of the year, the club hopes to educate the students of Loyola about the community of CHLA.

 “We hope to have spread more awareness of the experiences of CHLA patients and faculty throughout the student body by the end of the school year,” said McAlister.

The club welcomes all new students who wish to get involved and serve both the CHLA and the Loyola community.

“Students should join our club because it provides informative information about CHLA and an opportunity for local community service,” said McAlister.


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