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True Gentlemen’s Club hosts Navy SEAL Robin Miller ’95 and NFL Player Anthony Barr ’10

The True Gentlemen’s Club (TGC) hosted three featured presentations on March 3, March 10, and March 17 from The Culture Project, from the former SEAL Team Six commander Robin Miller ’95, and from NFL athlete Anthony Barr ’10 respectively.

The Culture Project presentation featured a discussion called “How to Live Out Love and Sex in a Virtuous Way,” and Commander Miller shared his experience as a Navy SEAL Team Six member the following week. Anthony Barr came to talk on March 17 about his experiences in the NFL and how Loyola shaped his career.

Club President and senior Adrian Sibal said, “’Love and Sex in a Virtuous Way’ explained to us [TGC] the right way sex should be seen. It talked about how it was natural to be attracted to women and that we’re supposed to be attracted to them, but not lustfully. It’s great that we’re hearing about this, but in a school like Loyola, I believe that we should hear more and more about this in classes.”

According to foreign language teacher and TGC moderator Cedric Ebiner, “Miller talked about the strength in men and how to utilize your call as a warrior and protector. Having the ultimate warrior come in and talk about his experience gave us an idea of the warrior in all of us.”

Barr, who is the current Minnesota Vikings linebacker and University of California, Los Angeles alumnus spoke about his National Football League career, and how Loyola influenced him to become the man he is today.

Sibal said, “The purpose of the TGC is to really be the Men that God created us to be and really reflect what the Grad at Grad states.”

Ebiner said, “The club’s goal is to help get men become the men they are supposed to become. The club teaches students how to be a good son, brother, boyfriend and father.”


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