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Two students place in Model United Nations conference in Carlsbad

The Model United Nations club, moderated by social science teacher Christopher Perkins, recently competed in a conference in Carlsbad on Saturday, Dec. 10.

        Model UN puts students in the place of delegates from various countries that belong to the UN. Delegates then organize and debate solutions to problems facing the world, similar to the real life UN.

At conferences, students represent the country that they are assigned to match the real life policies of each nation. The topics discussed can range anywhere from providing clean water to people in Sub-Saharan Africa to negotiating nuclear disarmament of North Korea.

Perkins said, “We always attend the Marymount conference and we are constantly adding other ones to our schedule like the one held at Edison High School. This year we are going to a conference in Carlsbad as well.”  

        At these competitions, delegates debate and collaborate to form the best possible solution to the problem at hand. After the committee has ended, judges decide the top students to attain recognition. Perkins said that as the club has grown, the students have succeeded in the conferences.

“We have had seven students place over the last couple of years,” said Perkins.

Members of the club attended a conference at Pacific Ridge School in Carlsbad on Saturday, Dec. 10. Members participated in various debates, ranging from a Cold War-era mock debate to a futuristic planetary colonization debate. Some members, including juniors Martin Scott and Thomas Odahl, participated in a “Black Hand” committee in which delegates had to find and debate ways to maintain the independence of Serbia and prevent the looming threat of World War I.  

Following the committees, delegates proceeded to the gym for the closing ceremony.  Juniors Grant Regen and Ben Donohoe won awards for Best Delegate of their individual committees.

Junior Lachlan Bonesteel said, “This conference was really unique in that it embodies a wide range of assemblies other than general assembly such as the  crisis committee.”

Model UN currently has 15 members, and those interested are encouraged to consult with Perkins.

Bonesteel said, “I would recommend the club to anyone looking to improve their public speaking and problem solving. Also, this club is perfect for people who love politics and proving people wrong.”


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