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Varsity football juniors discuss college offers, interests and options

Entering their junior season, offensive lineman Sam Yoon, wide receiver Peter Vanis and wide receiver Jacoby Kelly have all generated interest from college programs. The recruiting process excites them, but they are remembering to stay grounded throughout the process.

Yoon, who is also the Junior Class President, has received “a mix of text messages, Twitter messages and emails from Columbia, Harvard, UC Berkeley, Maryland and San Diego State.” All are Division 1 programs.

Despite these contacts, Yoon admitted that colleges’ interest in him does not provide him an additional push while continuing to remember his roots.

He said, “I’ve felt motivated throughout the entire process, and I’ll continue to give my best effort to whatever lies before me. I would attribute my success to my coaches, teammates and parents. My coaches provide great instruction and always put me in the best position to succeed. My teammates push me to be better every day. My parents offer endless support for my personal aspirations.”

Vanis is experiencing a similar recruiting process.

“I’ve talked to a few schools including UC Berkeley and a few smaller universities,” Vanis said. “Right now I am trying to keep an open mind.”

Vanis, like Yoon, thanks his parents for their role in his success, as he said, “I contribute all my early success to a mindset based on hard work that was taught to me by my parents.”

Still, Vanis keeps his eye on the upcoming season, which is slated to start at the beginning of 2021. 

“I try not to think about the future too much,” he said. “I try to get the most out of every day no matter what.” 

Kelly’s recruiting process has been active for some time now, but he described the last few months as particularly exciting. 

Kelly said, “I have been in contact with many coaches on several different occasions. Some schools that have contacted me include UCLA, Stanford, Colorado, Nebraska and Fresno State. Arizona State, University of Nevada, Las Vegas and University of New Mexico have all offered scholarships to me over the quarantine break as well.” 

These schools do not include the ones that had reached out to him before the last few months.

Just like Yoon and Vanis, Kelly attributes much of his success to his family. He explained, “Ever since I started playing football, they have supported me time and time again. Through wins and losses, they have always reminded me that I can achieve anything I put my mind to, which motivates me to do better. My mom has provided for me to send me to camps and play for good 7 on 7 teams that have helped my exposure. My step dad works out with me and gives me tips on how to become a better athlete. Altogether, it made me everything I am.”

Additionally, Kelly touts the friendly relationship these three athletes share. He said, “Sam and Peter are my boys and have been my boys since Freshman year. They are both workhorses and definitely made their presence felt last year on our championship run. Colleges will know both their names by the end of 2021.”

Kelly, Vanis, and Yoon are all preparing for their upcoming season and—they hope—another run at the championship.


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