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Vaughn Voci Develops New Lifestyle and Apparel Brand Frost to Spread Global Warming Awareness

Created out of a passion for bringing awareness to climate change, junior Vaughn Voci created his own lifestyle and apparel brand named Frost. His company plans to sell products such as shirts, sweatshirts, hats and shoes during the second business quarter of the year.

Voci said, “Back in 2016, I had a bad injury, so I was laid off, and I have always had a passion for sneakers, clothing and, of course, climate change, so I decided to go for it.”

A melting ice cube, the company logo, expresses the continuing issue of climate change, and he also plans to add mountain graphics on the shirts and sweatshirts to represent the icy graphics that tie into the entire theme of Frost’s brand.

Throughout the development of the company, Voci received guidance from various people, such as his mother who is a designer, in order to learn about fashion, entrepreneurship and science to help develop the brand and product. The development group also contributed with advice on Frost’s apparel care products.

Voci said, “Our plan is to come up with a crowdfunding campaign in the first quarter of this year and to officially launch no later than the second quarter.”

Voci also plans to publicize his company in late February by using social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, under the username @frostlosangeles. He also started to advertise through his website, where he hopes eventually to add an online ordering system.

Voci said, “The website is in production right now, but it will offer our season one clothing line along with the Frost paste, a type of shoe cleaner.”

“We’re projecting to sell to people who appreciate streetwear clothing who appreciate climate change and who really epitomize what our company strives to be and to make a change,” said Voci.

For future seasons, Voci and his company plan to sell various lifestyle collections as well as new apparel care products. The website will sell both clothing and apparel care products.

Voci said, “My end goal is to become the preeminent shoe, apparel care and lifestyle brand in the world.”


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