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Hannon Theatre begins preparations for fall play

Loyola High School’s Hannon Theatre Company returns to the big stage this November with their performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The Shakespearean classic was last performed at Loyola nearly two decades ago in 1997 and was directed by Mr. Walter Wolfe.

“Because I know [the play]so well, I am able to take a few risks that I might not be able to do successfully with any other Shakespeare play,” said Mr. Wolfe, having both acted in and directed A Midsummer Night’s Dream previously. Commenting on the unique tone the Hannon Theatre Company’s production will take on, Mr. Wolfe said, “We are going for a very dark, moody, and edgy feel that should be really exciting and different.”

Preparation for the play began in May of 2015, which is when principal auditions took place. In anticipation for the fall auditions, students who were assigned roles in the spring were given lines to practice and memorize over the summer.

The secondary auditions took place on September 1 and 2 and involved improv games, scene readings, and sonnet performances. The lead female role was also cast during this time. Although several students were already cast in roles, Senior Justin Verbiest said, “[The] auditions are to prove that we memorized our lines and that we’re ready for the show.”

Last year’s senior class was heavily involved in the theatre, and because of their departure, many roles in the play and many positions in the crew were left vacant for students hoping to delve into the art of drama. “I can definitely say that the stage crew was affected,” said Junior Ryan Olson. “We lost crucial parts of our team.”

The following weeks will be devoted entirely to perfecting the show for November. Both the stage crew and the performers will be hard at work building sets, rehearsing lines, and getting into character.

With all actors and crew members working toward the same goal, senior Carl Mongan said, “It’ll be an experience to remember.”


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