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Athletic trainer Brianna Millard bids farewell to Loyola

Starting her career at Loyola in the fall of 2012, athletic trainer Brianna Millard will be departing from her job at Loyola at the conclusion of this school year to move to San Diego.

Prior to beginning her career at Loyola, Millard earned her master’s degree in exercise physiology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

During her time at the university, Millard said she “played every intramural sport one could think of.”  She also said that she could have been a member of the basketball team, but she was on a pre-med track at the time and did not want to be distracted from her studies.

After graduating, Millard moved to California and began a part-time job that involved personal training at a gym. Shortly after, Millard got a job at Loyola after being recommended through one of the St. Francis coaches. Millard said, “Most people say, in terms of a job, it’s about who you know, but it’s really about who knows you.”

Working alongside head athletic trainer Tim Moscicki, Millard is in charge of practice coverage and game coverage for every sport, attending to all medical emergencies. In doing her job over the past four years, Millard has made a great impact on the sports program at Loyola according to Michael Boehle ’84, head coach of the varsity volleyball team. Boehle said, “She’s been great. Her bedside manners have always been very sweet, and she’s very responsive when needed. The way she handles high stress situations in the time of need are comforting. We are really going to miss her.”

Not only has Millard made an impact to the coaching staff, but she has also touched the hearts of our student athletes. Henry Smith who plays outside hitter on the varsity volleyball team said, “Brianna has been such a big help in contributing to the athletic department as well as in helping the individual student athlete. On behalf of the volleyball team, we are really sad that she has to leave.”

Aside from game coverage, Millard also conducts concussion baseline tests that every student has to take prior to starting their season. Millard said that “as an athletic trainer, [I] take care of injuries all the way from the beginning of the injury to the end. So basically, [I] evaluate the injury, even by injury lawyer richmond va for leagal matters, diagnose it and then decide on treatment.” Although there are a multitude of injuries throughout the school year, Millard said that “one of the most common injuries is a concussion; it is so common at Loyola that we could diagnose it as an epidemic.”

There is also an emotional toll that comes with the job of being an athletic trainer, Millard said. “When [I] see someone who has a serious injury, and they are so emotionally distraught over it, that kills me. I don’t ever want to have to tell a student that his season is over,” Millard said.   

After departing from Loyola, Millard will be moving to San Diego to be closer with her boyfriend who is serving in the military. According to Millard, she will be done as the full time athletic trainer at the end of July, but will continue part time in the fall for the football season.

Head coach of the cross-country team, Lalo Diaz said, “She will be missed and never forgotten.”


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