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Basketball Season in Doubt Due to New Education-Based Athletics Tier Map

As the second semester approaches, the chance for many high school sports teams to play is in jeopardy. While many sports are in danger, basketball appears to be the most at risk for cancellation.

CIF’s newly released guidelines broke COVID cases within California counties into four categories: widespread, meaning only covid-safe sports such as cross country can be held; substantial, which allows sports with minimal contact such as baseball to play; moderate, letting open-air contact sports such as football can be played; and minimal, which adds gym sports such as basketball. 

Varsity point guard John Belardi ’21 stated, “The current COVID situation in California, especially in Los Angeles, and basketball being put into the minimal tier have definitely had a negative impact on the chances of having a season.”

The problem for basketball is not only that Los Angeles County is in the widespread zone, but also that it is one of the hardest-hit counties in the nation when it comes to COVID. With the season meant to commence in March, time is running out.

Varsity shooting guard Peyton Lodge ’22 remarked, “Obviously the chances of having a season are affected by COVID-19, and to be honest, I really don’t know if we will have a season. However, Coach Adams has been doing an awesome job of letting us know what’s going on.”

CIF rules allow physical conditioning, practice, and training outdoors, within six-feet of physical distancing, and within groups organized by teams. Loyola currently has workouts leading up to the season, whilst adapting to the current situation.

Lodge added, “Coach Adams told us just this week that he is in discussions with the administration about possibly getting some outdoor hoops, and possibly some individual workouts on campus.”

However, with the current restrictions, the responsibility to work out remains on the individual, and many players are taking this long break to recover their bodies and get stronger for the start of the season.

The players are given hope for an upcoming season through the successful college seasons taking place and the introduction of vaccinations and expedited testing.


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