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Loyola athletes that will be attending NCAA Division-I programs comment on what influenced their decision to verbally commit.

Senior Elliot Smith-Hastie – Boston College Soccer

“I committed to BC on the 15th of August. I fell in love with BC when I visited after my freshman year and wanted to go there ever since. The education that I will receive there is incredible and will benefit me for the rest of my life. The fact that I get to be a student athlete at such a prestigious school is amazing. The team is a strong group of top players from all over the nation and the world, so I’ll meet a bunch of new guys who will become my best friends. The city of Boston is an incredible college town and an amazing place to spend four years. But basically, I’m just extremely excited to be able to go to and play for my top choice.”

Junior Jonathan Partamian – Syracuse Lacrosse

“I ultimately decided on Syracuse because I felt the most comfortable there. The alumni are all very active and supportive of the program, similar to Loyola. When I visited, I just really loved the campus, and the coaches had a clear vision for me, which was really cool to hear. As for influences, the fact that they have the most national championships of all time, play in the most competitive conference (the Atlantic Coast Conference), being able to compete for a national championship every year, and I felt that it was a tradition that I wanted to be a part of.”

Senior Holden Groff – UCSB Baseball

“UCSB had everything I was looking for when it came to college. I loved all of the coaches so it was a perfect fit. When I went on my visit, the recruiting coordinator talked a lot about how the team is a family, which I really liked. I knew I wanted to play in a D1 program while simultaneously getting a great education. The coaches do a phenomenal job of getting players to the professional level (Major League Baseball). I knew that if pro baseball didn’t work out for me, I would have a great education to fall back on.”

Junior Ryder Mora – Maryland Lacrosse

“The main reason for why I chose Maryland over anywhere else was the sense of brotherhood between the players on the team. I talked to a few of them, and they told me that their teammates are their brothers, which was really enticing for me to hear. Also, the head coach, John Tillman, is a one of a kind guy. He has a lighthearted and funny personality, but when it comes time to get down to business I could tell he knows how to lead a team. Walking around the campus, I just had the feeling that it was the place I wanted to spend my four years of college.”

Senior Casey McGarry – USCB Volleyball

“I really liked the campus and the vibe that the school gave me, which made it very hard to turn down. I also really liked the coaching staff and the players. All of the guys on the team were very cool and easy to be around.”

Senior Carson Davis – Boston College Soccer

“Well, I would be a third generation student at BC, so that largely influenced my decision. When I went to visit the school, it just felt right, and they treated me with respect, which helped me make the decision. The school is strong in both academics and athletics, which drew me in because I wanted a solid balance between the two.”

Senior Jack Truman – USCB Volleyball

“I first visited UCSB at the start of my junior year and fell in love with everything about it. The campus was right next to the beach, the volleyball team is very competitive, and the surrounding community makes it easy to build friendships as well as a foundation for my future.”

Senior David Long – Stanford Football

“The culture of Stanford, in addition to the academics and athletic program, is very appealing to me. I’ve always dreamed of going to Stanford, and it is important to me that I get to pursue my athletic and academic interests. I didn’t think I would get the offer, so when it came, it was a no-brainer. They’re also one of few schools with an architectural engineering course, so that was key as well.”


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