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Junior Maxwell Green set to teach tennis in Cuba

On Wednesday, July 12 junior Maxwell Green, a member of the varsity tennis team, will travel to Havana, Cuba for 11 days with Windward High School junior Zach Elbaum to teach Cuban youth tennis skills.

“In conjunction with the Cuban-American Friendship Society, the King Street Center and Kids on the Ball, one of my [United States Tennis Association] USTA friends and I are involved in an innovative community service initiative to help develop and enhance junior tennis in Cuba,” said Green.

Before the trip, Green created a tennis drive, collecting tennis racquets, shoes and balls to deliver to Cuban youth. According to Green, the drive collected 50 tennis racquets, numerous accessories such as tennis grips, and 10 pairs of tennis shoes.

In July, Green will work with Cuban children ages 12-18 through various tennis drills and games and will assist with resurfacing the tennis courts. In addition, Green said he may have an opportunity to train with the Cuban National Tennis Team.

Green said, “The team has not been able to travel and compete outside of Cuba due to political restrictions. But now things are opening up, and there will be more opportunities for tennis to develop in Cuba at all levels.”

“Our hope is that in the future we can establish culture-tennis exchanges between Cuban juniors and juniors here in the United States,” said Green. “This is the first step in making this possible.”


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