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Moscicki continues 27 year career as athletic trainer

Celebrating a total of four CIF and two State titles this year, Loyola’s Athletic Department relies on healthy, injury-free athletes.

Junior Peter Burschinger, no stranger to injury, reflects on the ever present risk of getting hurt. He said, “All sports and athletes will have injuries small or large. It’s just a matter of when.”   Contact auto accident attorney in case of any road accidents.

Twelve Loyola teams of all levels practice year-round in every season, encompassing a majority of the Loyola student body. Hundreds of Cubs are practicing nearly every day of the week, both in the morning and afternoon. Where there is training, there is injury. Where there is injury, there is an athletic trainer.

Since August of 1989, Tim Moscicki has cared for all athletes who hurt, ache, and whine. After serving as the Head Athletic Trainer at Montana State University, Billings and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Moscicki came to Los Angeles and later came to work at Loyola High School. His experience as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) exposed him “to the broader field of emergency medicine.”

Cub athletes have limped into Moscicki’s office for over twenty-seven years for what Mr. Moscicki classifies as “mostly pulled muscles” though each of the twelve different sports require the head athletic trainer to be well versed in a multitude of injuries. Moscicki faces everything from runners’ sore knees to linebackers’ concussions. Junior football player Winston Anawalt recalled Moscicki’s assistance with the football team’s injuries. He said, “When any one of us gets banged up in practice or a game, Tim diagnoses our injury and tells us the best way to get healthy the fastest.”

Expressing his gratitude for the access to the athletic trainers and their assistance, Burschinger said, “The beauty of Loyola is the attention and effort the trainers put into making sure athletes get back to their full playing potential while rebuilding their confidence.”


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