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The case for Biden

The case for Biden is simple; it’s moreso the case against Trump. Joe Biden is a fine man: modest, moderate, and nothing crazy or extraordinary. While Sean Hannity and Charlie Kirk may want you to believe Joe Biden is part of the “radical left,” that is simply not true. So whether you’re 18 and planning on voting, under 18 and simply interested in politics, or even if you just don’t know much about politics at all and want to learn more, here is why you should support Joe Biden for the 2020 Presidential Election.

Joe Biden as a presidential candidate represents so much more than his policies. Biden is not Trump. While this fact may seem extremely obvious, it is often taken for granted. For the past four years, we’ve been entirely desensitized to irrationality by listening to the nonsense spewing from President Trump’s mouth. 

“The idea of a presidential candidate has completely been flipped upside down,” says junior Brody Hannon, president of the new Young Democrats Club. “No longer should a candidate ‘act presidential’; Trump got rid of that. He now runs his campaign through lies, insults, and bombastic language that riles up his supporters.” 

Hannon and co-president junior Bren Calderon started the Young Democrats Club this year as a place for Democrats to discuss Trump’s policies with like-minded people. To be fair, “policies” is a generous term. As the Young Democrats Club will surely tell you, “failures” is a much more accurate term. Think of all the promises Trump made to the American people on the 2016 campaign trial. The border wall, a complete disaster of an idea in its own right, is barely up anywhere at all, and Mexico surely has not paid for the tiny bit of wall actually standing. Trump promised to “lock her up,” referring to Hillary Clinton, who currently walks freer than Trump will be walking once his single term is over. And “drain the swamp?” Trump clogged the drain to the point that the “swamp” has been overflowing since his first cabinet appointments. 

With Biden as President, we as Americans won’t need to constantly think, “Oh, what did he do this time?” You know the feeling I’m referring to—when Trump made the “fine people” comments about the 2017 Charlottesville Neo-Nazi march; when Trump simultaneously refused to denounce white supremacy and provoked the Proud Boys by telling them to “stand by” during the first debate; when Trump repeatedly dodged questions about QAnon, all but promoting the further radicalization of its followers. Think back to the feeling in your body the moment you first heard Trump say any of those things. You probably felt ashamed, embarrassed, angry, or most likely a combination of the three. A vote for Biden is a vote for peace of mind.

“Trump set a new norm where his opponent or anyone against him is fundamentally evil, where members of the Democratic party are un-American at best, or communists at the worst,” says Calderon. A vote for Joe Biden is a vote to eliminate Trump’s inflammatory, absurd and oftentimes downright offensive rhetoric from the mainstream. Biden is simply more rational, more compassionate, and more sane. 

Quite frankly, Trump’s rhetoric is the largest factor in the extreme polarization of America’s political climate today. In fact, it’s downright destructive.

Republican senior Andy Perez says, “The current Republican candidate does not represent the values of the Republican party.” 

Joe Biden has branded himself as not a voice for just Democrats but a voice for all Americans; in fact, Biden’s opposition to many popular progressive policies such as Medicare for All and the Green New Deal should win over a good deal of moderate Republicans.

Overall, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, it’s undeniable the 2020 Presidential Election is the most consequential election in recent history. This election leaves us with a choice between a flawed yet completely viable Democratic candidate, and Donald Trump, the man who has spent the last four years imploding the country and destroying the last remnants of bipartisanship, integrity, and democracy left in its political system. Vote accordingly.


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