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Varsity baseball begins conditioning

After six months of inactivity, varsity baseball has returned to campus for in-person conditioning. Players were eager to practice after their season was cut short last March.

Senior pitcher Nick Goethals described how last year’s season came to an abrupt end. “Honestly, it was a real shame,” he said. “The season started off really great and it was a lot of fun. Then COVID hit and the season was canceled. I never even got to see the seniors again.” Other players feel the same, but are hopeful for the season ahead.

After a long time away from the field, it was natural to have many emotions about coming back. Junior second baseman Parker Pratt said, “I was excited to get back on the field with my teammates as we had been waiting in quarantine for the time being.” 

Although they are cleared for in-person practice, precautions have been put in place to ensure the safety of both players and coaches. Players and coaches are required to take a temperature scan before entering campus. While on the field, masks are to be worn at all times.  During drills, only gloves can touch the balls and when they hit, only the coach can touch the balls. 

Even with all these restrictions, the team is striving to become better and to be ready for the next season. Senior pitcher David Case said, “It’s going to be very different from the usual things we do, but we need to make the most of it and get better at every practice.”

With COVID-19 comes a lot of doubt and negativity about having sports games. The team is focusing on staying positive and are relying on leaders of the team to keep their spirits alive.

Case explained how the team can stay positive and ready for the season to come. He said,  “We’re going to have to enjoy the present. There are no guarantees about what will happen in the upcoming weeks and months, so we have to enjoy what the school is letting us do right now.”

The team has been through a lot, from the season-ending early to sitting out for six months, but they continue to stay positive and take advantage of whatever opportunity is offered to them.


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