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Connor Jamieson and Carlos Cruz Display Creativity Through Filmmaking

Junior Carlos Cruz and senior Connor Jamieson are two students dreaming to make movies.

Jamieson has been an active member of Loyola’s Short Film Club since freshman year and has had an interest in film since fifth grade.

“My dad would show me great films, and I really fell in love with the art form and having control over an audience’s emotions,” Jamieson said.

Jamieson has produced six short films thus far and is currently working on his seventh. “I am in the final stages of editing my college application film. It was interesting to work inside given boundaries and draw some creative ideas out of restriction.”

Cruz’s passion is largely self-driven. He said, “At around 14, I started watching old movies and tried to educate myself on everything involved.”

Cruz also discussed how the Short Film Club has shaped him as an amateur filmmaker. “Joining the Short Film Club has really shaped me as someone who really could be a filmmaker now,” Cruz said. “At Loyola, I realized this could be a career.”

Both Cruz and Jamieson are pursuing careers in filmmaking and plan to attend film school. Although Jamieson wants to major in film directing, he said, “It is important for anyone to be able to write, edit and direct if you’re going to be a director.”

“Many times out of necessity, I have had to do all those processes myself and that it has led to me becoming a better filmmaker,” Jamieson said.

Carlos and Connor differ on what genres they prefer.

Cruz said, “I’m more into drama-surreal stuff. I like style over substance right now.”

On the other hand, Jamieson said, “My favorite film genre to make are dark comedies like Fargo. My goal has always been to never be pretentious. Art films have their viability but I also want people to enjoy my film for what it is.”

When asked why they love filmmaking, both Cruz and Jamieson mentioned the rewarding feeling of producing an original piece. Cruz said, “It’s exciting to know that something I think of can translate into my filmmaking.”

Jamieson said, “There is nothing like having an original idea and writing that script. It’s such an exciting feeling to know that if you see something in your head, you’ll eventually be able to see it on a screen. You get so much energy and excitement from feeling that you’re making something new that no one has ever done before.”


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