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Daniel and the Phoenix Pursue Dreams of EDM Fame, Success

Driven by a love of EDM music and culture, juniors Daniel Nunez and Phoenix Glenn joined together to pursue their shared dream of becoming musicians in their group Daniel and the Phoenix. Nunez and Glenn met in Mr. Cendejas’ class after listening to an EDM song, sparking a musical connection. Glenn said, “We really partnered up after discussing a music video that Mr. Cendejas was playing in his theology class.”

Because of the availability and power of technology, Glenn and Nunez are able to create music without the support of a professional music studio. Glenn said, “The idea that a kid can make a hit song on a laptop with a minimal amount of software and knowledge of music theory and producing is very appealing to us.”

Glenn and Nunez have experienced tremendous success despite being together for only six months. Glenn said, “Daniel and I are already talking with one of the biggest agencies in the world right now. We’re not growing at a constant rate. It’s been nothing less than exponential.” The duet has performed in Palos Verdes and at the Loyola Dance and plan to perform paid gigs at the Bassmnt Club in San Diego on Nov. 3, at a festival in San Diego on Nov. 12 and potentially in Las Vegas in February.

Additionally, Nunez and Glenn’s music will be featured in the new Karate Kid TV series in 2018.  Glenn and Nunez have received instagram recognition from EDM artists such as Two Friends and Duke Dumont and are in contact with stars Diplo, Louis the Child and Whethan.

In addition to online recognition, Nunez said, “The biggest thing so far for us is that we’ve been in the works with the well known agency CAA and are currently trying to set up a deal regarding management.” Daniel and the Phoenix’s EP “What Now” can be found on 28 online stores internationally, including iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify.

Glenn and Nunez draw inspiration from EDM artists around the world. Glenn says they are inspired by Whethan, Louis the Child and Martin Garrix because they all started in high school.

Foreign stars aside, the group draws inspiration from their own accomplishments. Glenn said, “Most importantly, we take inspiration from ourselves.” The Cubs are working to be the first Americans to pervade the international EDM sphere. Glenn says, “No American kid has really blown up on the scene with their electronic music and we both feel the need to check off that box. There have been European teens like Martin Garrix who are known around the world at the age of 19, but no American has ever broken onto the world stage. We both really want to set an example like that as American EDM artists. We intend to go as far as possible. Break records and run the whole game. We are young, confident, and hard-working high schoolers that want to make people smile when they listen to our music.”

The Cubs also are grateful for the experiences they have had so far on their journey in the music world.  Glenn said, “We have explored new worlds and crossed old ones together. We have had the time of our lives as friends on this journey together and we cannot wait to see where our hard work takes us. Daniel and I have been together for six months and our names have reached places as far as Asia. It’s crazy sometimes. It’s a blessing. We’re honestly just really interested in seeing what two 16 year olds can do. Hopefully Daniel and I are not only able to make a name in the world but also able to make a name at Loyola.”


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