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Downey Youth Commission Christmas Decorating Contest

To bring the community of Downey together, the Downey Youth Commission hosts many special events, including a Christmas decorating contest. Contestants’ homes were judged on Dec. 10 at 5:30 P.M.

Two-year member of the Downey Youth Commission and junior Nick Kohzaya explained, “Houses are judged on their curb appeal, creativity, innovation, use of space and lights, and cohesiveness of the entire home decoration. There are also different awards houses can win, including Downey’s Best Award, Best Window Display, Best Religious Display, and Most Original.”

The purpose of the contest is to bring the community together during the holiday season and, as a result, the city of Downey has become known for its Christmas spirit, which is illustrated by all of the decorated houses and the Downey Christmas Parade.

Kohzaya said, “I strongly believe that the contest will bring the community together, considering the winner of the contest wins a prize. The prize changes from year to year, and this year’s prize is a yard sign, a goodie bag, and gift cards. The contest was brought about to bring joy to the community, and COVID will not impede upon the community’s ability to celebrate the holidays and decorate homes.”

Three-year member and Vice Chair of the Downey Youth Commission, junior Nathaniel Mongan explained, “The Christmas Home Decorating Contest has always inspired the Downey Community to come together during the holidays and even inspired the Youth Commission to have a Halloween Decorating Contest this past October. Especially considering that the Downey Christmas Parade was virtual this year, it’s a great chance for people to drive around the city and look at all of the lights.”

This year’s contest did not fail to bring the community together, as seen by the massive turnout of participants.


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