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Guisados, Mexican Meets Modern

Born in one of LA’s most well-represented Latino areas, Guisados has the perfect geographical location to produce some of the best tacos in the city. Established in Boyle Heights in 2010, Guisados specializes in serving traditional Mexican cuisine, offering a selection of tacos, quesadillas and some of the sweetest “agua fresca” (non-alcoholic Mexican drink) options one might ever taste.

Guisados is more than accessible with five locations scattered throughout the city in Boyle Heights, Downtown LA, Echo Park, Burbank and West Hollywood.

Upon my arrival to the West Hollywood location, I encountered a 20-minute wait. It is important to note, however, that wait time will vary depending on the day of the week. The location’s ambiance was somewhat hipster with a very laid-back crowd.

At Guisados, I always order the sampler plate. The sampler plate comes with six taco samples of your choosing with options divided into five categories: beef, seafood, pork, chicken, and vegan. Most tend to be satisfied with eating one sampler plate, as the plate gives you a good amount of food.

In my latest visit, I ordered the sampler plate with steak picado, bistek en salsa roja, chicharron, chuleta en chile verde, chorizo and cochinita pibil tacos. In addition, I ordered a small horchata, of which I was joyfully delighted by. Mixed with a good helping of cinnamon and sugar, the horchata is undoubtedly the best drink at Guisados.

One of my favorite dishes was the steak picado taco. The picado was brilliantly coated with hints of bacon that only enhanced the salty and peppery nature of the steak. There was also a sweet blend of bell peppers toppled over with black beans and an all-powerful serrano chile. My top choice; however, has to be the chorizo. The way Guisados executed the chorizo taco appealed to my every taste bud, and the sweetness and crispness of the red onion did a good job of refreshing my palate.

Overall, my experience was pleasant, even though I found myself scrambling to the water station one too many times because my tolerance for chile is low.


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