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Hannon Theatre Company Kicks Off “Argonautica”

Hannon Theatre Company’s rendition of “Argonautika” is set to debut on Saturday, Nov. 10. The play depicts Jason and his Argonauts’ voyage across the Aegean Sea to find the fabled Golden Fleece.

The process used to choose the fall play is complex. Director of Hannon Theatre Company Walter Wolfe said that a group of teachers, including English teacher Daniel Robles and music teacher Steven Speciale, decide the play. The plays must contain a large cast, meaningful roles, present relevance, a fun atmosphere and enough work for the crew.

Hannon Theatre Company puts on various types of plays spanning different time periods and genres. This fall’s play is a “world drama.”

Wolfe said, “In order for a play to be a world drama, the primary source must have been written in a different language.” Jason and the Argonauts was originally written in Greek by Apollonius of Rhodes in the 3rd century B.C.

In regards to the cast and crew for the show, actors do not normally come from Acting Workshop, a class that Wolfe teaches. Apart from Loyola students, numerous female students join the Hannon Theatre Company from schools around the city.

Senior Graeme Collins, a senior, plays the lead of the show, Jason. This is Collins’ second year participating in the Hanon Theatre Company’s as he played a knight in last years play, “Once Upon a Mattress.”

In the Greek version of the story Argonautika, Jason often takes advantage of his fellow Argonauts in order to be successful in completing a certain quest or objective, which is exemplified in his character.

Collins proves this as he describe his character as an anti-hero. He said, “he is a leader, but mainly uses people to achieve his own goals; however, he is forced into the situation so he is not fully to blame.”

Sophomore Daniel Stewart, a first year member of the Hannon Theatre Company, plays Meleager. Stewart described Meleager as a rebel and a punk. Stewart said he prepares for the role by energizing himself.

According to Wolfe, there is no lead role. He said, “We are an ensemble. We really work together; we are a team.”

Rehearsals for the play are four days a week after school until 7:00 PM. The two weeks before the show and during the show the cast will rehearse at the theatre every night until 11:00 PM, according to Collins and Stewart.

All interested in seeing the fall play should visit the Hannon Theatre Company website to purchase tickets.


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