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International art competitions honor over 90 student artists

Over 100 Loyola students submitted photography and literary pieces to the board of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for review and consideration for a medal in December.

Loyola had over 90 award recipients, all of whom are enrolled in one of the various Advanced Placement art programs.

Some of the 90 students who won include National Gold Medalist senior Luke Ebora for his photograph in the Young Arts Competition, “Poking the Bear”; National Silver Medalist senior Miles O’Brien-Schridde for his photo montage in the Young Arts Competition; and Talent of the Year Winner senior Scott Tamkin for his vintage magazine collage project, “Dada Dreams”.

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards allows anyone to submit artwork for review, and with over 320,000 works of both visual art and writing, the chances to get through regionals and place in the finals are slim.

“It’s pretty exciting!” said AP Studio Art instructor Christina Saggese. “We’ve had over 90 winners, and more results are coming in.”

Ebora has been invited to attend the awards ceremony at Carnegie Hall, New York, on Thursday, June 8. “[It’s] a huge honor and hearing of the alumni who won and being in the same realm as them is amazing,” said Ebora.

“It’s really cool that they get to go back and receive their awards at Carnegie Hall during a big ceremony,” Saggese said.

Tamkin will be receiving his award and recognition in the London International Creative Competition, a professional and international competition. While the winner of the Talent of the Year Award typically goes to London to receive his or her award, Tamkin will not be traveling to London. He will still be recognized for his accomplishments and receive his award.

“I was really excited to know that I had won… [and]was surprised since so many talented artists from all over the world entered,” Tamkin said. “It was also nice to be able to be recognized for my work… which has been really important to my high school experience and success.”

“This is a very special award for both Loyola and Tamkin. He has excelled in both student competitions like Scholastic and in professional competitions,” said Saggese.

Tamkin will receive a cash prize of approximately $1,236 for being recognized as the New Talent of the Year winner.


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