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Dear Class of 2016,

As the first class to graduate from Loyola High School following the sesquicentennial celebration, we reflect upon the accomplishments of the past 150 years and set the stage for the next 150 years of success and greatness. From artistic excellence to academic accomplishments to athletic victories, our senior class has demonstrated Loyola’s ability to continue a tradition of achievement.

Despite roadblocks like the turbulent introduction of a brand new schedule, our class has held its own and is worthy of great merit. We have shown the Loyola community and the Los Angeles community that Loyola is not going to slow down, and like fine wine, will only improve with age. We will remain a competitive and driving force for years to come.

As editors-in-chief of the paper, we accepted the challenge of leading a young and vibrant staff. Under our leadership, The Loyalist has grown to be an inclusive and responsible institution on campus. This year, we published 12 issues with 180 pages of copy, featured over 90 student contributors and provided the opportunity for each of our five departments – News, Feature, Sports, Arts and Entertainment and Opinion – to lead its own individual pullout section. We have expanded distribution to a greater number of high schools, including ones outside of California. To welcome the next 150 years, we modernized with the introduction of a new Instagram account (@loyalistnews) and continued posting current stories on Twitter and Facebook. We won the American Scholastic Press Association’s first place award and inducted 16 Cubs into the renowned Quill and Scroll International Honor Society.

Entering the school year, our goal was to discover the unheard voices of the Loyola community. Through special sections spotlighting the Maintenance and Security teams, the Mother’s Guild, the annual Senior Service Project and the 2016 presidential election, and new columns like Discover LA, Teaching Creativity, Alumni in the Arts, One Hundred Words, Give or Take and Inside Counseling, we have continued to open our doors to the community.

We have cemented relationships with an increasing number of organizations on campus, including the Mothers’ Guild, President’s Office, Principal’s office, the Community Service Department, the Advancement Department, and the Maintenance and Security staffs. We hope the staffs of years to come will continue our tradition of outreach.

Just as we accepted the challenge to uphold the tradition of excellence, the class of 2016 has done so too. At graduation, we wish our fellow classmates are as proud of one another as we are of them.

We wish the best for our Cub brothers in their future endeavors.



Robert Dickson and Pablo Muñoz


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