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Alumni Association honors Golden Cubs at special luncheon

This year’s Golden Cubs Luncheon, an annual event that invites all Loyola alumni who graduated 50 or more years ago, took place on Wednesday, Oct. 21, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Approximately 80 alumni attended the event this year, including many members from the graduating class of 1965, who were the youngest invitees to the luncheon, according to Director of Alumni Relations Mr. Bill Thomason. The Rev. Fr. Barber, S. J., started the luncheon by presiding over Mass in Clougherty Chapel. Following the opening Mass, the alumni gathered in Dunn Courtyard, where they enjoyed conversation over cocktails. From there they proceeded to lunch, provided by Loyola’s on-campus kitchen staff, in the Ackerman Dining Room.

As the lunch concluded, Loyola’s Alumni Department treated the alumni to a short presentation, a custom at this event, according to Mr. Thomason. “Each year Loyola hosts a program that we think the particular alumni group might find interesting,” said Thomason. “This year Mickey Adza ’45 told the story of the Loyola versus Boys Town football game. He shared how [the football game]began a strong friendship between himself and Lloyd Bucher, a player on the Boys Town team who later became the commander of the U.S.S. Pueblo that was seized by the North Koreans and held hostage for many weeks. Mr. Adza concluded by donating several items to Loyola such as Commander Bucher’s book, Bucher’s painting, and the Navy news articles about the capture of his ship.”

Mr. Alan Kumamoto ’58, grandfather of sophomore Corey Kumamoto, also attended the event. “It was really great to see a cross-section of alumni, dating back to the 1940s up to our latest group from 1965,” said Kumamoto. “It was good to see future projections of physical changes that are being planned at Loyola. A simple greeting from Fr. Greg Goethals and a few remarks from our luncheon speaker [Mr. Adza] were just right in sharing our personal Cub experiences. I so look forward to next year and welcoming the class of ’66.”

Mr. Don Swartz ’64 said, “It is fun for me to see some of the things in life that have not changed. I visited with Joe Boyle and Jim Wehan. They both taught and coached at Loyola when I was a student. Both are still active and enjoying life. There is good spirit and camaraderie among the alumni at the luncheon. Smiles and laughter are widespread.”

Mr. Swartz added, “I think Loyola does a wonderful job of providing a suitable stage for this event. The alumni are the players in an ad hoc celebration. I celebrate what Loyola was when I was here and what it is today.”

Mr. Thomason said, “The greatest element of the Golden Cubs Luncheon is that it keeps the alumni who have already celebrated their 50-year reunion engaged with Loyola, even if it is for just a day. It is an event that belongs solely to them, an event they can claim as their opportunity to come to campus and to see what’s up at Loyola High School.”


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