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Clubs prepare for Activities Fair

During lunch on Tuesday, Oct. 6, Loyola will hold its annual Activities Fair, which will showcase more than 50 clubs and activities to encourage and increase student involvement around campus, according to Director of Student Activities Mr. Chris Walter ’93.

Mr. Walter said, “The Activities Fair is a great opportunity for both younger and older students to get involved with Loyola’s various clubs. It helps them explore and find activities that will shape them as men and help them build their college resumes.”

Leader of both the Cycling team and the Short Film Club senior Liam Lischack said, “The Activities Fair will be a great way to generate interest among the student body and hopefully help us find both new mountain bike riders and new filmmakers.”

Seniors Brady Hasenberg and Cristian O’Neil said that while the Activities Fair is both a busy and stressful day for returning club leaders and members, a variety of games and awards for the most energetic table ensures that the day remains exciting.

Sophomore John Schlaerth, a member of both the Earth and Space Club and of the art and literary publication, Windowpanes, said, “The Activities Fair was an excellent way for me to discover clubs that catered to my interest. Without the fair, I would have never known they existed. The only thing that I wish I could have seen more of was demonstrations of exactly what the club did, but I’ve heard that many clubs are scheduling demonstrations, which should help improve the day.”

Freshman Parker Honey said that he hopes this fair will lead to his involvement in new clubs: “I’m excited to see the Robotics Club. I’ve heard about it since I was applying to Loyola, and I can’t wait to see what it’s all about.” Junior Brian Kendrick, president of the Loyola Leadership Bootcamp, said,”This coming year I’d love for more people to get involved with the Loyola Leadership Boot Camp. It’s a great way for people to develop leadership skills through hands on workshops and engaging activities. A lot of people usually don’t fall into the stereotypical leader persona but the LLBC is here to show that anybody can be a leader. I can’t wait to help showcase this club through some demonstrations at the Activities Fair.”  

Mr. Walter said that he hopes this year’s Activities Fair will help students find clubs that share their interests and allow students to get more involved in the community.


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