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Dean of Men Daniel Annarelli pioneers Movember campaign

The word “Movember” is a mix of the Australian slang for mustache, “mo” and “November.” This annual event was started by the Movember Foundation, a charity committed to promoting men’s health. Since 2004, the foundation has been dedicated to raising awareness for men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.

Loyola recognizes the month of November as “Movember” in an effort to bring attention to men’s health issues. 

Dean of Men Daniel Annarelli said, “We are an all-boys school. We should always be mindful of raising awareness about men’s health because it pertains to the three things that Movember focuses on: prostate cancer, which is one of the leading killers of men worldwide; testicular cancer, which is a leading killer of young men; and mental health.”

Mental health is one aspect of men’s health that is often overlooked, and Loyola encourages students to talk with their counselors about these issues. In particular, Movember raises awareness of men’s anxiety and suicide. 

Annarelli said, “Mental health is something that we as a society must do a better job of addressing when we talk about men and their anger and depression and anxiety; these are things that men typically have a hard time talking about, and we need to be aware of that both in and out of Loyola.”

In order to acknowledge the issues that this month promotes, Loyola has planned several activities.

Annarelli said, “We will have an entire week of awareness-raising for men’s health. We will read some facts each morning, will honor victims of prostate cancer and will get students to wear the color that is significant for prostate cancer survivors. Mr. Porterfield is going to do an all-mindfulness day at lunch, and we will have a physical fitness test and a mustache competition.”

Senior Jack Koenig and Freshman Elijah Del Rosario won the fitness competition.

Koenig said, “It really pushed my athletic abilities to the max. I exceeded my own fitness expectations.”

Loyola students are encouraged to participate in each of these activities. Students were given an announcement at the beginning of November to begin growing facial hair for the upcoming mustache competition.

Sophomore Lucas Ibarra, who participated in several of the Movember activities, said, “I am really looking forward to the mustache competition. A couple of my friends and I are growing out facial hair, and I am excited to see what other people come out with.”


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