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Food drives donate to local parish and Big Sunday for Thanksgiving

The Christian Leadership Communities (CLC) joined together to collect non-perishable foods for the St. Thomas the Apostle Food Bank. The Community Service Leadership Team (CSLT) also hosted a Thanksgiving food drive, where students donated corn, cranberry sauce, and gravy that would be sent to the Big Sunday organization. The purpose of the food drive was to for Loyola students to give back to the people of the surrounding community who do not have the income or time to receive thanksgiving dinner items according to junior Henry Mac, a member of a CSLT.

The food collected for the food drive was delivered to the office of Rev. Fr. Wayne Negrete, S.J. CLC had the food blessed at the morning Mass on Friday, Nov. 20. The food was then delivered to the food bank later that day.

Theology teacher Mr. James Crofut said, “A treasure of Ignatian spirituality is the emphasis on approaching life from a disposition of gratitude. A natural expression of thanks for one’s bounty is to share and to pay it forward. The CLC collection for the St. Thomas the Apostle food pantry is a wonderful opportunity to express appreciation for our Loyola neighborhood community.”

Freshman Emmett Pernecky said, “I think it is important for me to give back to the community. I am fortunate enough to have shelter and other necessities for daily life. I will continue to bring more canned foods for those who need the food more than I do.”

Members of CSLT gathered all of the collected food on Tuesday, Nov. 23. The food was then donated to the Big Sunday organization.

Community Service Coordinator Mrs. Angela Moran said, “It was enjoyable to give back to the families around a one mile radius from our school.”

Mac said, “I participated in this event because of the feelings and emotions that I see from these families after giving them a meal. Even a small amount of food enlightens all of them. They are so thankful and this drive really helps me appreciate the things I have.”

Senior Thomas Atlee said, “We [CSLT] participated in this event because Thanksgiving is a time of good food and friends, and I think no one should should go hungry, especially on Thanksgiving. It was a good feeling knowing I’ve contributed to making someone’s holiday a little bit more special.”

Senior Matt Richmond said, “The joy I had with giving canned foods to the poor was great. I realized that two canned foods that would go to waste in my house could go a long way for those stuck in poverty.”


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