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Freshmen join seniors for Freshman Community Lunch

Freshmen gathered with their Big Brother groups for Loyola’s second Freshman Community Lunch on Wednesday, Nov. 13. With the help of a student-led committee, faculty, staff and bridge team members, 37 groups of seniors and freshmen, were able to enjoy lunch together.

Freshman Spencer Isbell said, “It’s a simple event that helps us bond with out Big Brother groups. We don’t normally go out of our way to meet up as one big group, so it’s nice that the school provides this event.”

The Freshman Community Lunch was the first official gathering for Big Brothers and Little Brothers after the freshman retreat. Not only did this event provide free pizza and juice boxes but it also allowed Big Brothers to check up on the freshmen right after midterms. Because freshmen had received their first official high school grades, Big Brothers gave their advice and insight from past experience.

Freshman Andrew Lee said, “This was an activity that allowed me to get to know my big brothers better. They set a good example for what a senior should be like. I aspire to follow in their footsteps to become a kind and supportive big brother.”

As role models to their freshman brothers, Big Brothers took time out of the middle of the school day for the Freshman Community Lunch to provide freshmen the opportunity to take a break and get to personally know their Big Brothers better.

Big Brother Shawn Landoch said, “This event helps better our understanding about how Loyola is one big family. We are not really divided. We are all in it together.”

One aspect that Loyola takes pride in is how the Loyola community is like a family. By having Big Brother groups come together to sit down, eat lunch and talk, Big Brother groups create a sense of brotherhood here at Loyola.


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