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Grandparents attend fifth annual Mass and Brunch

Cubs and their grandparents joined together at the fifth annual Grandparents’ Day Mass and Brunch on Sunday, Nov. 20, in Clougherty Chapel and Xavier Center. At the event, Loyola students had the opportunity to share the community and campus with their grandparents.

The event started at 10 a.m. with a Mass presided by the Rev. Father Gregory M. Goethals ’73.

Sophomore Luke McCourt said that the Mass was “very powerful and moving.” After Mass, students and their grandparents enjoyed brunch in Xavier Center.

As the event came to an end, students were encouraged to give their grandparents a campus tour.

Sophomore Brennan Hilger said, “The event was very calm and a great experience. I enjoyed the event because I got to converse with students that I don’t always talk to at school and meet their grandparents. I especially enjoyed being able to show my grandparents the campus and where all of my classes are.”

The event was led and organized by the Advancement Department. Director of Parent Giving Alexy Coughlin encouraged all students to go to the event in the future, attesting that the brunch was a wonderful opportunity for students to show their grandparents what Loyola is like.

Coughlin said, “First of all, the event sold out. Also, it is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your grandparents and to show them Loyola. Many grandparents don’t get a chance to see Loyola, and this event is the perfect opportunity for them to tour the school while also enjoying Mass and brunch with their grandchildren.”


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