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Dear Class of 2016,

Congratulations on the eve of your graduation!  Everywhere I turn, there is someone singing the praises of the Class of 2016.  Not only did you excel in academics, but you were superstars in athletics, extracurriculars and service. In simply everything you have put your mind to, you tackled it and succeeded. Your class is a powerhouse at Loyola and we are sure it will continue to be just that at the nation’s top colleges and universities.

Your success is due in large part to your hard work, intelligence, diligence, creativity and innate goodness.  But, it is also due to your family’s unconditional love, your teachers’ devotion to their calling and God blessing you so you will help make the world a better place.

So about those praises.  Among the many accolades, you:

But when I see you on campus, I don’t see the awards.  I see the Grad at Grad who is open to growth, intellectually distinguished, religious, loving, committed to justice and developing as a leader.  Those attributes will guide you as you forge forward to make a difference as the admirable, talented good men that you are.

Loyola will always be your home; it will always have your back.  Go change the world and set it on fire. Congratulations on a job very well done.

With great love and pride,
Gregory Goethals ’73


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