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Loyolapalooza II premieres after final varsity football game

Loyolapalooza II was held outside Xavier Center on Nov. 4 following the last home football game of the season. Hosted by the Modern Poets and Composers (MPC) club, the dance was the second school dance of the year.

MPC club members DJ’d the dance. When asked what the biggest attraction was, sophomore Khali Clarke said, “I think the biggest attraction was the music. The music was mainly rap like Rae Sremmurd.”  

The turnout at the dance was greater than last year due to advertising via social media and fliers. The MPC even chose to name this dance “Loyolapalooza II” in order to attract attention for the dance. According to senior and Dance Committee representative Scott Tamkin, attendance included over 400 students, many of which came from the football game.

Although the space used for the festivity was not as big as the first dance, there was a large dance floor constructed by the loading dock.

Director of Student Activities Chris Walter ’93 said, “We hoped to get a good turnout. We offered free admission to female students if they attended the football game to promote the football game as well. MPC was DJing with Mr. Brown. They did a lot to attract a lot of people. The dance was to be a mini-version of what student council as well as MPC had in mind.”

Tamkin said, “The dance was meant to be similar to Loyolapalooza. We wanted it to to be a fun way to end the football season and expected a slightly smaller atmosphere though, since we will only used the loading dock space. We used mainly social media and fliers, which we sent to the girls schools to attract students.”

Sophomore Avery Ockomichalak said, “I really liked this dance, as I have really enjoyed the previous dances. The music is always great at Loyola, and the Dance Committee always does a great job of putting these dances together. The most attractive aspect of this dance was that it was right after the football game. This dance was a great way to end the football season.”


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