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Loyola’s JCL to Host Mount Olympus SCRAM Tournament on Campus

Loyola High School’s Junior Classical League (JCL) will host the annual SCRAM event on Saturday, Oct. 28. The name stands for Southern California Regional Amici Madness (SCRAM). This year’s SCRAM theme is “Mount Olympus.” SCRAM provides Roman and Latin themed games and activities for 34 different high schools.

Loyola’s JCL has been preparing for SCRAM since last May, organizing events and working with the JCL of Southern California to create the best event possible. Throughout the day the members of JCL along with the other high schools will participate in activities ranging from academic competitions to gladiator battles.

This year’s SCRAM has four main categories for the day’s exercises: Academic Tests, Academic and Creative Arts, Olympika (Individual Competition) and Ludi (Play).

One of the most notable of the event’s features are the aquatic games, played in Conn pool with events such as innertube water polo. Nicky Zecchini, the head of SCRAM athletics, said, “A lot of the prior hosts of SCRAM didn’t have a pool, or it’s too difficult to reserve one, so Loyola brings a somewhat unique activity to the event in that way.”

A large portion of SCRAM is in the academic competitions between high schools. Zecchini said, “We spend a lot of time working on the academic portion of SCRAM. For many of the JCL members from other schools, the quizzes are the most fun part.”

The six different types of exams are written by the JCL and tests the competitors’ knowledge of Roman mythology and daily life, Latin grammar, derivatives and vocabulary.

This year marks Loyola’s third time hosting SCRAM, and JCL is proud and excited to host the event. President of JCL Jarmayne Deala said, “It’s really exciting. This whole process is a big responsibility. Loyola has a good reputation within the JCL of Southern California, so we’ve done it a lot. They really like Mrs. Kawamata and the way things are run at Loyola, so to do this and have this responsibility is a really special opportunity for Loyola to really expand its JCL club and it’s overall a very exciting experience.”

The SCRAM event is meant to celebrate the enthusiasm of the members of the JCL in Southern California for ancient Roman culture.

JCL member Declan McIntosh said, “It’s the biggest gathering of students for Latin in Southern California. It’s a big deal.”


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