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Nick DeAngelis Vice President

Senior Nick DeAngelis was appointed Student Body Vice President for the 2017-18 school year after former vice president John Schlaerth left Loyola following his junior year.

As the vice president, DeAngelis works alongside Student Body President Connor Ladwig and fellow student council members to bring positive changes to the school, organize events and represent their peers.

Concerning his goals for his tenure as vice president, DeAngelis said, “I personally want to bring the idea of a pep rally trophy that alternates to the class that wins the game at a given rally. For example, if the seniors won a game of dodgeball against the underclassmen, they would be awarded a trophy with the class name on it until the next rally. I think it would be a good addition that would raise the spirit and stakes during rallies.”

DeAngelis said that he feels very honored to fill the position. He said, “I’m extremely lucky to be given this opportunity and I really want to work and show I deserve the place. The vice president position can be really effective and I’m really looking forward to everyone seeing what I can do.”

In terms of student council’s overall on-campus responsibilities, DeAngelis said, “Student council is important because its members represent the whole student body and are responsible for making everyone happy and the school a better place.”


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