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Prospective Cubs attend Open House

The Admissions Department hosted its annual Open House on Sunday, Dec. 13. Over 2,500 visitors attended the event for an opportunity to find out what Loyola has to offer, according to Admissions Director Mr. Heath Utley.

Mr. Utley said, “The Open House is a great opportunity for middle school students to experience what being a Loyola Cub is all about in its academics, athletics and extracurricular activities. Open House gives these students the chance to ask any questions about the school in all of its aspects.”

Principal Mr. Frank Kozakowski said, “With the different events happening around campus about the features of Loyola, the Open House will be an experience that the students will never forget, whether they decide to come to Loyola or not.”

Eighth-grade student Arjun Vadgama from Westside Neighborhood School said that attending Loyola’s Open House was a wonderful experience because of the various faculty presentations.

“I was intrigued in coming to Loyola because of its faith and science curriculums. Coming from a Hindu background, I wanted to see what it would be like to experience and learn the Catholic faith.” Vadgama said. “Also, entering the Science exploratorium allowed me to engage in the experiments that I might be able to do in the future. The experiments allowed me to have different conversations with the Loyola students about the experiments themselves and also the students’ experience at Loyola.”

“Seeing the prospective students enter the doors of the gym during Open House opened my eyes to how much Loyola has grown over the past 150 years,” Principal Mr. Kozakowski said. “The students are the reason why Loyola is great, and these prospective students will have the chance to see why Loyola is great in all of its aspects.”


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