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Seniors Attend College Representative Visits

For over twenty years, college admission directors  from around the nation have been coming to Loyola to give presentations to seniors and —  for the first time —  juniors about their respective schools.

Currently, about forty colleges have visited Loyola, such as the University of California, Santa Barbara; Duke; Georgetown and others throughout September. For many years, Counselor Tim Haley has organized each interactive visit, with the number of schools increasing from a few colleges to currently over 100.

Arriving at various times throughout the school day, college representatives have provided upperclassmen with needed information to guide them through the process of choosing a college to attend. These presentations give seniors and juniors an opportunity to learn new information about the school through discussions with the representatives of the college.

Senior Marco De Cardenas said, “I think the admissions presentations are very helpful. They give us seniors a chance to ask the questions that really matter and decide which schools we can actually see ourselves spending the next four years of our life at.”

Counselor Daryl Crowley said, “The schools come here so that students have an opportunity to learn about universities that they might not necessarily be able to get on the campus of. It brings the university to Loyola and to the students.”

At the beginning of the school year, seniors filled out a form in which they selected up to five college presentations they wished to attend. Haley suggests that seniors and juniors introduce themselves to the admissions representatives of the college to get their email address for future questions and help.

In addition to college visits, Loyola offers a variety of other opportunities to view colleges such as the Midwest College Tour in the Spring. With upcoming college visits from Gonzaga, Notre Dame, and University of Southern California, upperclassmen can gain information on a wide range of institutions.


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