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Student Council prepares for ‘A Miracle on Venice Blvd.’

Students and their dates will gather in Xavier Center on Saturday, Dec. 5, for the annual Winter Formal dance. Student Council decided this year’s theme to be “A Miracle on Venice Boulevard.”

The Student Council’s main job is to promote the dance, according to junior class representative Ryan Parks. Student Council will make sure the dance is in good standing among the student body and place special emphasis on making sure the underclassmen attend.

Sophomore Corey Kumamoto said, “I think that name is really clever. I can really tell that Student Council is putting in a lot of effort this year to make Winter Formal as special as possible.”

Parks said, “My favorite part about the dance is seeing how much the underclassmen, and especially the freshmen, enjoy it. I think that it is really important for the younger students to take an interest in the Winter Formal because it will be their responsibility to take an active role in its planning in a couple of years.”

Student Council works in conjunction with the Loyola Mother’s Guild (LMG) to acquire and assemble all of the decorations that will be arranged in Xavier Center on Dec. 5.

LMG member Mrs. Beth Schraad said, “I am particularly excited for this year’s dance because of how hard both the Mother’s Guild volunteers and the Student Council have been working to get the setup perfect.  The decorations are amazing, and I cannot wait to see how amazing Xavier will look on the big night.”

Mr. Walter said, “I am really excited to see what our lighting director comes up with.  He always does something interesting to transform Xavier into a special place.”

Student Council will be present at the dance to help make sure that the event runs smoothly. According to Mr. Walter, they will work the bar, make sure the students are enjoying themselves, work in the coatroom and possibly even make an appearance as Santa Claus.

Sophomore Class President David McAndrews said, “Hopefully, the night of the dance will be fun and relaxing for the students attending. Even though the night is always stressful for the Student Council members, it is always worth it because we get to see how all of our hard work makes so many student’s happy.”

According to Mr. Walter, the student council aims to cater the dance to the younger grades because this will be their first formal dance as a Loyola student.

Freshman Tim Burshinger said, “This dance is something that I have heard a lot about from the upperclassmen. It seems that all of them had a great time at this dance, and I think that all the freshmen are really excited to see how this dance turns out.”

Freshman Jonathan Topete said, “From what I’ve heard, this is one of the biggest dances of the year for underclassmen. So far, I have only heard great things about the past dances, and the student council has made this year sound like the dance will be better than ever.  I am really excited to see how the decorations transform Xavier Center.”


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