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Students Create Applications and Learn Coding in App Design Club

The App Design Club was started to give students an introduction to the mobile application design process.

During meetings, students learn how to use tools on “Xcode,” which is a software platform to design a basic app that can be put on the App Store.

Club president Joshua Umeh said, “However, I’ve seen the interest that club members show and I now moderate to help other students take the first steps to what could be a life changing opportunity.”

Umeh said that he has been working on a calendar app that has not yet been placed on the App Store.

Umeh said, “Although it is only a calendar, being that this is the first project I’ve ever created on this platform,  it is something I’m proud of. It was a very time consuming process, but it is my own work that I take pride in. I aim to put it on the market by the end of this year.”

Moderator and counselor Angela Reno Valvardi supports the idea of students exploring the fact that they could now take their knowledge of computer science and coding and expand upon it.”

Reno Valvardi said, “If [students]don’t have a broad knowledge of coding to create apps, they can learn about how to start from scratch and  how to build an app and how to be creative in different ways.”

Club member Junior Joshua Park said that he is excited about new possibilities that the club provides for people interested in app design.

Park said, “I’ve always been interested in app design and I’ve always wanted to learn how to [create apps]. When I heard that the App Design Club was starting up, I knew I wanted to be apart of it.”

Junior Kaz Black said that the App Design Club is fun and exciting for him and said that he is proud of his friend for starting the club.

Kaz said, “It’s cool watching my friend do something he is passionate about.”

Umeh plans to have meetings for the App Design Club every two weeks in the counseling conference room.


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